A partnership with the Insurance Information Institute's Resilience Accelerator Initiative through collaboration among US and global insurance, reinsurance companies, academic institutions, and federal agencies.



Resilience = Pre-Disaster Risk Mitigation Across Automotive, Commercial, Property, Communities and Government

Persistent natural - and in certain cases man-made - disasters have introduced economic, financial, operational, and similar challenges for life-lines across the U.S. No region nor industry sector is immune to drought, flood, storm, spills, fires, earthquakes - and of course more recently health-related pandemics. As each threat and incident occurs, government and business alike face costly recovery and rebuild of their assets, facilities, infrastructure, and the lives of their citizens and employees. 

The work of the Resilience Innovation Hub - its affiliated partners and members - serves to strengthen our institutions and communities through more efficient and effective pathways to relevant ideas, practical solutions, proven technical and engineered products, and a wide range of data and intelligence to reduce future risks. 



We focus on three programmatic objectives: accelerate connections, introduce best-in-class solutions, assure those technologies and solutions achieve their market goals AND returns-on-investment. 


Two-day ideation, fast-paced discovery addressing resilience technical, economic, societal hurdles.

Strategic Partner Briefings

Connecting technologies, equipment and expertise to real-world challenges.

Lightning Rounds

Monthly and quarterly pitch sessions from those with needs and those with solutions.

Office Hours

Confidential mentoring sessions, virtual or in-person.


For Technologies and Integrated Solutions

We have established a proven process for assisting early- and growth-stage companies through myriad pathways to develop, demonstrate, and deploy their products, services, and integrated solutions. Based on the criteria driven by our insurance and non-insurance “communities of practice,” we onboard next-generation and relevant firms into our “portfolio” for strategic partnerships, investment, and market use.


We are accepting applications for our Portfolio Companies to participate in the Resilience Hub. Accepted companies will receive no-cost access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, advisors, investors, service providers and discounted office space.


Note: All activities are currently conducted remotely or with limited scheduled in-person meetings based on federal, state and local COVID-19 regulations.

Business Meeting
For Investors and Procurement

As the insurance and reinsurance sector advances alternative products, policies, and financing for pre-disaster risk mitigation often called”Insuratech,” our objective is to hasten the process for identifying, vetting, and presenting THE most beneficial opportunities for the Resilience Accelerator Initiative of the Insurance Information Institute and non-insurance private equity, public finance, family offices, venture capital, and corporate venture interests.


In turn, we seek to support federal, state, and local government procurement decision-makers that seek similar technologies for enhancing citizen and community resilience. Through exclusive briefings and customized pitch-sessions, aligned with our partners,we have created a robust pipeline of products and projects for investment review.

Our Technology, Market, and Disaster-Resilience Areas of Focus Align with the Insurance Industry and Public Sector Mitigation Objectives. 
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By combining the capabilities and mutual objectives for accelerating scientific, technical, engineered, and market-ready solutions for reducing loss of life, property, operations, and community, we have come together to launch the national network of incubators, accelerators, resources, and investment for mitigating natural and man-made risks. 

Serving members' critical needs for best-in-class research, data

and insight by addressing national and local risk challenges.

Vice President & Senior Economist of The Insurance Information Institute

Dr. Léonard started his career as a global fund macro head strategist, leading to his professional growth as Senior Vice President & Chief Economist at Aon, Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Chief Economist &Chief Data Scientist at Alliant (the insurance broker owned by Blackstone and KKR), and as Partner &Chief Data Scientist at MaKro. Dr. Léonard has worked closely with underwriters, brokers, and the C-Suite to develop risk analytics that combine economics and machine learning to align insurance coverage with risk exposures. He is an adjunct professor at Columbia University and NYU, focused on engaging a new generation of data scientists for disaster and risk mitigation analytics. His extensive work at the Insurance Information Institute has included serving as the liaison to the National Federal Insurance Program (NFIP) at FEMA and other federal agencies to collaborate across public and private sectors in developing alternative finance and risk models. Dr. Leonard’s professional roles across his career path provides unique insight to the investment goals of the insurance and reinsurance community.

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ROAR - Resilience Opportunity Advisors + Resources Partnership: Bridging public, private, philanthropic sector interests of technology, expertise, data science with alternative capital through investment advisory for impactful, resilient project development

Managing Director of The ROAR Partnership

Mr. Seline is currently the Managing Partner of The ROAR Partnership, and has been Executive Director and Senior Advisor for AccelerateH2O - a 501(c)(3) organization focused on addressing barriers to innovating in water across the Southwest and Gulf Coast US. Prior to launching AccelerateH2O, Mr. Seline possesses more than 30 years of management consulting services, advising a variety of business sectors across energy, water, biosciences, digital media, and from industrial production companies to emerging technology firms. He is a skilled business strategy expert helping companies optimize processes, innovate core drivers, and grow intelligently.

Unlocking access and removing barriers to innovation for early- and growth-stage technologies, entrepreneurs, and inventors.

Hilary Agho.jpeg

Senior Director at The Cannon

As a Senior Director at The Cannon, Hilary connects entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners to the resources they need to be successful. She has worked to build, maintain and expand corporate, strategic, and channel partnerships and was instrumental in the launch of The Cannon’s digital platform, Cannon Connect. Hilary holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Loyola University Chicago and graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay with three Bachelor’s degrees and summa cum laude honors.


Innovators in Residence
Executive Mentors

Pamela Williams

IEM - Director of Mitigation and Resilience; Former Founding Executive Director of BuildStrong Coalition

Pamela Williams is the Director of Mitigation and Resilience for IEM - a nationally recognized, woman- and minority-owned emergency management and disaster recovery firm. She served as the founding Executive Director of the BuildStrong Coalition, a group of firefighters, emergency responders, insurers, engineers, architects, contractors and manufacturers, as well as consumer organizations, code specialists, and many others committed to building a more resilient America. Ms. Williams also serves on the National Advisory Council for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the Standards Setting & Accrediting position.

Ira Ziff headshot.jpg

Ira Ziff is a twenty-five year recognized leader in the executive search arena for insurance and reinsurance companies across the US, and as such has created the most exhaustive data-base for engaging over 40,000 C-suite decision-makers as board of advisors, mentors, and/or future members of growth-stage resilience-focused tech companies. He is the Hub's Partner for the Talent on Demand Initiative

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Jack Krolikowski

State of George

Resilience Hazard Mitigation Deputy Manager

Jack Krolikowski serves as the Deputy Manager for Hazard Mitigation in the State of Georgia's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, having previously served in the State Environmental Resources Department. In his current capacity, Jack coordinates natural hazard mitigation planning and risk reduction projects across Georgia's 159 counties and for State-owned property, with a particular focus on utilization of best available hazard, vulnerability, and exposure data. He is a graduate with a bachelors and master's degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Senior Executive for Resilience Impact

Natalie Enclade

Executive Director, BuildStrong Coalition

Natalie Enclade joined the BuildStrong Coalition as its Executive Director in 2021. Prior to joining BuildStrong, Enclade served as the lead for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Financial Well-Being Program.

In 2018, she was appointed as Director of Individual and Community Preparedness for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), where she worked to increase citizen and community preparedness,  and encourage the development of disaster resilience across the Nation. She served

as a Chief Policy Advisor and Senior Program Analyst for the Federal government. Natalie was selected as a DHS Office of Inspector General Fellow and the subject matter expert in homeland security, cybersecurity,  emergency management for the United States Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Young Leadership Advisor
Talent on Demand Partner
The National Transition Initiative for Sustainability, Climate and Resilience Director

Professor Alan Tratner - as a college student led the conceptual planning and launch of America's first Earth Day - and ever since has driven the collaboration of industries, entrepreneurs, philanthropic organizations, and government towards recognizing the importance of sustainability and "green" as a direct form of resilience. Through his Green2Gold Accelerator and network of over 100K individuals throughout the world, Alan oversees the Hub's partnership with the National Transition Initiative and the Domino One Laboratory programs.

Adaptation & Insight
Landi Spearman.jpeg
Kirk Waltz.JPG

Susan Holliday

Senior Advisor, International Finance Corporation | The World Bank Group

Susan Holliday is an advisor to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the World Bank where she focuses on insurtech and insurance for SMEs and women. She has served on insurance sector boards in UK, Brazil and India and is currently a board member of Tribal Planet, a Silicon Valley tech company, and an advisor to Eos Venture Fund and to several start-ups.


Eleanor Kitzman

Former State Insurance Commissioner for Texas and South Carolina

Eleanor Kitzman is the Founder and CEO of Resolute Underwriters, LLC, a Texas-based start-up that will leverage the homeowners insurance relationship to promote, incentivize and facilitate mitigation, particularly roof replacement to the IBHS FORTIFIED Home™ standards in coastal areas. 

David Alexander.jpg

Dr. David Alexander

Chief Geospatial Scientist, Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology

Dr. Alexander assumed the role of the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology (DHS-S&T) Chief Geospatial Scientist and lead for the National Flood APEX program within the First Responders Group in October 2016.  In his current assignment at DHS S&T, he is leading innovative research on natural hazards including the Flood Apex program in support of FEMA.  This program is applying new and emergency technologies to improve flood detection, monitoring, risk reduction, and flood protection across the US.

Bonnie 2.jpeg

Bonnie Canal

Founder and Managing Partner of The Resiliency Institute, LLC (TRI)

Bonnie Canal is a nationally recognized leader in community resilience innovations and strategies and is the founder and Managing Partner of The Resiliency Institute, LLC (TRI). TRI is a full-service consulting firm specializing in comprehensive solutions for small/medium size businesses (SMBs), understanding the role they play in community preparedness and resiliency. 

David A. Dodd, CEcD, FM, HLM.jpg

David Dodd

CEO of International Sustainable Resilience Center, Inc.

David Dodd is a seasoned international thought leader in economic development, disaster recovery, and resilience. In 2017, David founded the International Sustainable Resilience Center, or ISRC, a Center of Excellence in New Orleans affiliated with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s International PPP Centre of Excellence. 


Patrick Marchman

Climate Resiliency Senior Advisor to the Hub and Collaboratory Network

For more than 15 years, Patrick Marchman served in the environmental and regulatory fields, managing progressively more prominent projects and programs for various U.S. Federal agencies. Prior to his public sector roles, he was an information technology professional working with both large companies and small start-ups.  Patrick is a highly regarded subject matter expert.

Melissa Meeker.jpg

Melissa Meeker

CEO of The Water Tower

Melissa Meeker is the CEO of The Water Tower in Buford, Georgia, a nonprofit focused on advancing water utilities through applied research, technology advancement, workforce development and public engagement. Melissa previously served as the CEO of the Water Environment and Reuse Foundation and was instrumental in the merger of three critical US water-related research foundations.  She also served as Executive Director of the South Florida Water Management District and Deputy Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.


Sanjiv Sinha, PE, PhD

Sr. VP - Environmental Consulting and Technology Inc.; Founding Member - RISC

Dr. Sinha is a frequent presenter on topics related to climate resilience impacts and economic instruments within the infrastructure market, he is a Senior Vice President at ECT, and manages a Great Lakes basin wide resilience initiative called Resilient Infrastructure Sustainability Communities (RISC, www.risc.solutions).His extensive knowledge of integrating nature-based infrastructure, engineering, and technology has supported regional engagement with public and private sector partners for next-generation watershed resilience, and informs entrepreneurs and investors in strategic alignment of mutual interests.

Ron Prater.jpeg

Ron Prater

Chief Operating Officer (COO) and co-founder of Bent Ear Solutions LLC

Ron Prater is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and co-founder of Bent Ear Solutions LLC.  Bent Ear Solutions (BES) is focused on helping public safety organizations integrate legacy and emerging technologies. Strengths of Bent Ear Solutions include: strategic planning, governance, business process design, and GIS. Ron has more than 25 years’ experience helping Federal, state, and local branches of government and the private sector address some of their most challenging issues.

Sidoti Profile 2.jpg

Charlie Sidoti

Executive Director of InnSure

Charlie Sidoti has spent 35+ years in a variety of executive roles within P&C commercial insurance providers, a board role at the Institute for Business and Home Safety, has run multiple technology startups and now finds himself running InnSure, the insurance focused innovation hub at Cambridge Innovation Center aligned with MIT.


Dr. Ted Smith

Director of the Center for Health, Air, and Soil – University of Louisville and former Special Advisor for COVID Response to the Mayor of Louisville

Dr. Ted Smith is the former Chief of Civic Innovation for the City of Louisville where he led and delivered over $5 million in grants for advancing public infrastructure and health-related programs through unique smart-city acceleration. He is the new Director of the Center formed to address ongoing challenges from various disasters including his role as special advisor to the Mayor and community for COVID-19 response.

Mike Homma

GAP Engineering

Mike is President and CEO of GAP Engineering and Consulting Advisors,  bringing over 3 decades of large project management experience to growth-stage companies with expertise in Process Engineering, Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Design and Construction, Project Management, and Commissioning. GAP Engineering is composed of professional engineers and senior associates recognized as top authorities in their respective fields. In this capacity, GAP will provide guidance and insight to adapting solutions to risk settings across commercial, industrial and public facilities.

Landi Spearman

Executive Advisor

Landi Spearman is an award-winning data scientist, experienced executive coach, trusted change management expert, CEO and Founder of Organized SHIFT and the Millennial Collective. Leveraging data and diversity to pinpoint, dismantle, and eliminate systemic issues, Landi helps overwhelmed leaders to outsource a shift in their team or organization, or to internally adapt to avoid burnout. She has turned around operational issues, invented new revenue streams and transformed culture with aplomb, for Fortune 500s including Kraft, GE, Eaton, Victoria’s Secret, and Pottery Barn.

Kirk Waltz

Environmental Engineer

Kirk Waltz is a registered Texas environmental engineer with a diverse background in municipal and industrial environmental engineering, risk management, environmental and social governance implementation, and strategic sourcing of novel environmental technology startups.  Kirk graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering and a Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and received his MBA from The Jones School of Business - Rice University.



We are honored to work shoulder to shoulder with peer organizations and institutions in creating a network partnership for delivering powerful programs and content in support of our mutual objectives for technology companies and investors. Each of these partners brings a unique and specific element to our overall agenda – Blue Sky to Blueprint Design Lab, Grand Challenges, Public Utility Resilience – and therefore access to end-user requirements, markets, and strategic alliances.

InnSure’s sole purpose is rooted in its members' passion for the insurance industry by confidently influencing positive change within the industry and providing a safe place for our members to Connect-Learn-Solve. InnSure's "Blue Sky to Blueprint" process is the Hub's ideation partner.


The ISRC is a UN-affiliated center of excellence connecting global best practices for "People-First" partnerships and investment to address common disaster-mitigation challenges.Based in New Orleans, and borne from the lessons-learned during Hurricane Katrina, ISRC serves as the Hub's international gateway.

RISE accelerates innovation and business growth around solutions to coastal resilience challenges in the living laboratory of Virginia. RISE's successful execution of demonstrations based on Grand Challenges extends the potential for real-world piloting of resilience.

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 5.16.13 PM.png

InsurTechNY is the leading forum, accelerator, and events management organization in the Greater New York City region for engaging early-stage technology companies addressing insurance and reinsurance carriers, brokers demand for new solutions to operational, risk, and mitigation challenges.

The Water Tower is a new breed of innovation center and the answer to a multitude of complex challenges facing the water industry. Through its extensive public water utility experience and networks, The Tower serves as the Hub's outreach to 1000s of systems and operators.


The Delta Institute serves the Midwest US and Great Lakes Region is a convening and facilitating environmental and resilience risk mitigation solution provider, accelerator, and unique partner for public and private sector alliances.


There are any number of opportunities for partnering with the Resilience Accelerator and Innovation Hub as a sponsor or underwriter of content, events, and/or projects that align with your organization’s immediate and near-term goals. From co-branding to thought leadership, from sparking a new technology solution to unlocking alternative capital – we can deliver across our partners and programs a customized go-to-market approach for you and your interests.


Interested in being a strategic partner? Looking to invest or procure pre-vetted technologies? Looking to stay up-to-date on what the Hub is doing? Fill out the form below! From there, you’ll be able to learn about our programs, event schedule, opportunities and specific scenarios for supporting your business goals.

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